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Hello, I’m thriller author

Richard Surface

Reading art history for fun, I stumbled across a book about masterpieces which have disappeared but are probably out there somewhere. The tangled history of these great art works sparked the idea for...

»Das Vermächtnis«
- my debut novel

the book


15. Sep

How it All Vegan

That’s actually the title of a vegan cookbook given to me for Christmas in Los Angeles. But it is also an apt title for a brief blog on the subject because for me the answer is simply that it began …
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15. Sep

Looking at Art

About the third week in May every year there begins a five-day mob scene at the Sloane Square Tube Station in London. The Chelsea Flower Show has begun. Like the Henley Regatta, Wimbledon and Ascot, the Chelsea Flower Show has …
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Questions to the Author

Hello Richard,
I would be interested to know if that's your real name or whether you write under a pseudonym. Sounds simple, almost too perfect for a Thriller Author?

Yes, Richard Surface is my real name.

Hallo Richard,
I would like to ask the obvious question, how did you get the idea for this book?

The idea came to me when I read about lost masterpieces of art. It is surprising how many have not been destroyed, but have simply disappeared. This seemed to be a good basis for a criminal history.

Moreover, probably an even more interesting question: In the book, as I have read so far, art and aft theft plays an important role. Do you have a special interest on this subject , or generally to art?

I'm really very, very interested in art - especially on the art of the Renaissance ( and Baroque, Rococo , etc). True thefts are of course interesting, but fictional thefts can still be much more interesting, they can fascinate - but of course that is only what I think.

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